They will get gray color in Twitter, know what it means


Twitter Verification: We do not need to tell you what is the importance of social media today. You all are well aware of every app. Twitter, known as the micro-blogging platform, is also making many changes over time for its users. Soon this app will be removed from the list of micro blogging platform because the character limit of its tweets is about to increase. According to the information, instead of 280, people will now be able to write their hearts up to 4000 characters on this app. Changes have started coming one after the other in Twitter ever since Elon Musk bought it. Meanwhile, a new update is that after Blue and Gold, the company has also made the gray tag and square badge live. Know what it means and who will get it.

After verification on Twitter, where people used to get only blue tick mark earlier, it will now be seen in gold and gray color as well. That is, now three different color verified accounts will be available. Twitter has set different colors for each account / person or government. Know the meaning of all and who will be given which colour.

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gray color

The gray color has been made live by the company recently, which is not fully active yet. Right now it is visible only in some people’s account. The gray color or checkmark will be given to the account of the government or an official associated with the government or a multilateral organization. In simple words, you should understand that this color will be given to the government or important institutions/officers associated with it.

gold color

Gold color mark or checkmark will be given to those accounts which belong to a company or are business handles. Earlier official was written in front of this type of account, which has now turned into a gold checkmark. It is not yet clear that how much the company will charge for this checkmark.

blue color

Blue checkmark will be available to celebrities or common people who will pay the fees fixed for the account through Twitter Blue subscription. To get the verified blue color mark on Twitter, people will have to pay $8 per month (web and Android) and $11 per month (for iOS). This mark or color will not be visible without subscription.

This is the meaning of the blue square mark appearing in front of the account

Twitter has done another new update in the app that now companies can add their related persons, businesses and brands to their account. If a company does this, then the profile photo of the company will appear in a square shape in the account the company has linked with it. If an account has got a gold or blue checkmark and a square mark is on that profile, it means that this account belongs to a company or an employee or brand of a company. Users can tap on the square icon to go to the profile of the company to which the account belongs.

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