If you do not know these 5 tricks of WhatsApp, then understand that you could not become Pro, will be useful even in 2023


WhatsApp Tricks: In the world of internet today, WhatsApp has become an integral part of people’s lives. From personal talk to business work, today everything is being done through WhatsApp. Even big announcements, notices etc. all government work is being done quickly through this. Seeing the increasing use of WhatsApp, Meta is also rolling out new features from time to time. But, there are many such features and tips and tricks of this app which people do not know much about. If you know these tips and tricks related to WhatsApp, then it can improve your messaging experience. Today, through this article, know 5 special tips and tricks which you can follow even in 2023.

These tricks will change the messaging experience

1- If you do not want anyone to know that you are active or online on WhatsApp, then you can do this work by going to the privacy of this app. For this, you have to go to the settings of the app, go to privacy and then go to the option of Last Seen. Here if you choose the option of ‘Nobody’ then no one will be able to see you online. But, keep in mind that after choosing this option, you will also not be able to see the online status of other people.

2- WhatsApp has recently rolled out the feature of undoing accidentally deleted messages. If you have sent a message to someone and it has been ‘deleted for me’ by mistake, then you can bring that message back within 5 seconds by pressing the undo option.

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3- If you want to give a message to someone through voice recording instead of a message and this message is going to be very long, then you can record this message at different times by taking a pause.

Think of it as if you are sending a voice recording to someone and then you remember some important work, then you can pause the recording to do another work or reply to the message and then come back to that chat and continue the recording. Huh. You start from where you left off. Your old recording will not be deleted and a complete long message will be received by the person in front.

4- The feature of recording calls on WhatsApp has not been officially launched or introduced. But, if you want to record a person’s call, then for this you can download a third party app called ‘Cube ACR’ from the Play Store. However, for this you have to give permission related to call recording to this app.

5- If you want to read the deleted old message, then you can do this work by downloading the ‘Get Deleted Message’ app from Google Play Store. It is only available for Android users. You have to give some permissions to this app after which you can read or recover deleted messages. But, you will be able to read or recover only those messages which have been deleted when you were not on the chat with the other person. If you have opened the chat and then someone deletes for everyone, then even in that case you will not be able to read these messages again. You will be able to read only those messages through third party apps which have been deleted while not in your chat.

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