Stock Market Live: Good signs of SGX Nifty, the market is expected to open on the green mark


Stock Market Today LIVE: Today, there are signs of light growth for the Indian stock market and SGX Nifty is trading in green today. On the basis of this, it seems that there can be an increase in the opening of the domestic stock market as well. Yesterday trading in American markets also closed with a boom and
Its effect can emerge as a good sign for Indian markets.

What is the current level of SGX Nifty?
SGX Nifty is trading at the level of 8.91 with a gain of 0.11 percent.

What is the condition of American markets
In yesterday’s trade, the Dow Jones Industrial Average of US markets closed with a gain of 92 points or 0.28 per cent. The Nasdaq Composite closed barely in the green, and the S&P 500 closed in the green.

How is business going on in Asian markets?
Today, business is going on fast in the Asian markets as well. Only Japan’s Nikkei, STI and Malaysia’s markets are trading with a decline. However, the green mark of growth is being seen in the market of Hangseng, Shanghai Composite, Kospi, Taiwan.

How was the closing of the market yesterday?
Yesterday, there was a heavy fall in the market, but by the time of closing, the stock market saw recovery from the lower levels. The Mumbai Stock Exchange index Sensex closed down by 104 points at 61,702 points, while the NSE Nifty closed down by 35 points at 18,385 points.


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