Painkiller will ‘kill’ you before pain, know which deadly diseases are the root cause of this medicine


Side Effects of Pain Killer: Today, how dependent man has become on medicines, many examples of this will be found in your home itself. People immediately use medicines even for minor ailments. Even if there is a slight problem, first of all people look for medical stores. The problem is that no one even consults doctors for medicines anymore, colds, For cold, pain, fever, people buy medicines on their own from medical stores. But do you know how fatal these medicines can prove to be for you. Today we are talking about pain killers. You will be surprised to know that the pain killers you use for a little pain are very harmful to your health.

Pain killer diseases

If you use pain killer even in slight physical pain, then be careful. Because pain killer will cure that mild pain of your body, but will leave such a serious disease within you which may even lead to your death. According to the reports, if you consume more pain killers, then it leaves many serious effects in your body. It affects your kidney, liver and heart. If you have taken more than a limited amount of pain killer, then you can also have a heart attack or stroke. That’s why before eating pain killer, take necessary advice from a doctor.

Keep these things in mind while taking pain killer

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If you have so much problem that you cannot live without taking pain killer, then there are some things which are very important for you to take care of. Because if you do not take care of these things, then the side effects that will occur in your body after taking the pain killer can also become fatal for you. If you want to take pain killer, never take it on an empty stomach. Eat pain killer only after eating something. Make as much distance as possible from alcohol, because the combination of alcohol and pain killer will bring you closer to heart attack. That’s why alcohol drinkers are often instructed not to drink alcohol on the day they take pain killers. Along with this, if you have compulsion and you have to eat pain killer, then drink plenty of water on that day. Because the effect of pain killer is directly on your kidney, if you do not drink plenty of water then it can affect your kidney.

Pain killer can have these side effects

You can also have many side effects after eating pain killer. These include loose motion, constipation, gastrointestinal problems, bleeding or stomach ulcer problems, lack of sleep, breathing problems, skin rash and burning sensation along with itching in the body.

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