How to make custard milkshake for kids, note the recipe


Milkshake Recipe: Most of the parents are worried about the fact that their children do not drink milk and are reluctant to drink milk. However, it cannot be denied that it is very important for children. In such a situation, today in this news, we have brought the solution to your problem. We are telling you such a delicious milk drink made from milk, after drinking which children will become your fan. We are talking about Custard Milkshake. Custard milkshake is a smooth and creamy drink made with instant custard powder, milk and some Made using other ingredients. The simpler it is to make, the more it is liked by children. So, without delay, let us tell you the recipe for making custard milk shake.
Ingredients to make Custard Milkshake 
11/2  cup  Milk
1  big  spoon  Custard  powder
2  large  spoon  PC  happened  Chinese
6  Almonds
2  Scoop  ice cream
6  raisins
Custard  Milk Shake  how  Create
Milk  Hot  do
a  PAN  in  Milk  Insert.  it  boil  Take it. now  a  Bowl  in  Custard  Powder  insert  and  In that  4  table  spoon  Milk  Insert.  slurry  Ready  Do it. this  slurry  to  Boiled  happened  Milk  in  Found  Give.  Milk  in  Chinese  and  Almond  Insert.  it  some  minute  till  cook  When  till  that  mix  little  thick  No  be  Go.  now  gas  off  tax  give  and  mix  to  Puri  Kind  from  cold  having  give.
Shake  to  Blend  do
Custard  mix  to  ice cream  K  with  Blender  in  Insert.  thick  and  smooth mixture making  K  for  1-2  bar  Blend  Do it. now  Milkshake  to  fridge  in  put  Give a  hours  K  for.
Just your custard milk shake is ready. You can garnish it with dry fruits to make it happy and interesting for the kids. Apart from this, raisins  from  Decorated  cold  cold  Can serve. 


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