Cheapest education takes place in these 5 countries of the world, special opportunity for Indian students


Affordable Education: In today’s era, if there is talk of inflation, then first of all there will be talk of expensive education. It is not hidden from anyone how expensive it has become for the students living in a country like India to get better education. However, at this time expensive education is not only in India but in the whole world. Because of this, students who come from low income family background have to struggle a lot to get good education. Even in that, if you are an Indian student and want to study abroad, then it will increase your expenses even more. However, there is nothing to worry about. Today we have brought 5 such countries for you, where education is very cheap as compared to other countries of the world and studies are also good.

how to study in germany

If you want to study in any college or university in Germany, then let us tell you that tuition fees are not charged from the students here, due to which there is a big relief in the expenses of their studies. However, here annually you have to pay an administration fee of Rs 3800. The best thing is that Indian students get student visa very easily to study here. But if you want to study in Germany, then you also have to take health insurance.

how to study in france

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France is a very beautiful country in the world. If you are an Indian student and want to study in this country, then you do not need to spend a lot of money. In the government universities here, a maximum of 15,000 rupees have to be spent for bachelors and around 30000 rupees for masters. The best thing in the country is that right to work applies equally to everyone here. That is, if you have come here as a student from a foreign country, then you will also get this right. After studying, you can also do a job here if you want. Your annual expenses for living and studying here can come around Rs.4 lakhs.

how to study in poland

If you want to study in Poland then here you will get student visa very easily. In this country also, no tuition fee is charged from the students. The best thing is that if you know the Polish language, then you will get many other facilities in the universities here. However, living here is a bit expensive. You may have to spend around 6 to 7 lakh rupees annually to study here.

how to study in new zealand

New Zealand is a wonderful country in Europe. If you want to study in this country, then here you will have to spend around 10 lakh rupees annually. However, the tuition fees are very low from the students here, sometimes the universities here also run a funding program for the tuition fees of the students, under which your entire tuition fee can be waived.

how to study in south africa

Studying in South Africa is much cheaper than other countries. The average tuition fee of the universities here is less than Rs 2 lakh per annum. However, the cost of living here is a bit expensive. You may have to spend up to 4 lakh rupees every year to study here. However, the universities here also run various scholarship programs which are applicable for international students as well. If you take these scholarship programs, then your fees can be reduced even more.

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