Now it will be easier to meet people on Tinder, this feature will make perfect matching


Tinder New Feature: A dating app is very popular among the youth in India, whose name is Tinder. Through this app, first people make friendship and then date and many times even marriage happens. Meanwhile, an important news related to this app is coming out that the app is about to roll out a new feature called ‘Relationship Goals’. This feature will help the youth a lot. The new feature has started appearing globally to many users. In India, it will become active for the users next year. Know what is this new feature and how will you benefit from it.

Kyle Miller, vice president of Tinder’s core product team, said the number of single youth on the app is growing steadily. He said that in a survey, 72% of Tinder users said that they are looking for a partner who knows what they want. Keeping this in mind, the company is about to rollout a new feature.

In fact, till now when youth used to connect with each other, it used to take hours for them to tell what they want, what kind of things they like, why they are on this app etc. But, now under the new feature it will be easier for the youth and the person in front will already know what kind of person he is connecting with.

These options will be available in the new feature

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To use the new feature, the user has to tap on his profile settings and choose one of the different options displayed there. Options will look like this-

-long term partner
– long term, open to short
– short term, open to long
-short term fun
– new friends
Can’t say anything yet / Not decided

Tinder users will have to choose one of these options so that they can know what they want from the person in front. Through this feature, people will get the benefit that they will not have to tell much about themselves to the person in front of them for hours and a perfect matching will happen.

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