‘In the blink of an eye… people became dead from alive’, in 2022 you saw these unfortunate people dying in front of your eyes!


In the year 2022, where on one hand the pace of corona epidemic slowed down, on the other hand there was a spurt in the cases of heart attack. Especially in the last few months, many such cases came to light in which people died suddenly. Means the person who is standing in front of you, talking to you laughingly, dancing in marriage, suddenly he gets a heart attack and he dies falling on the ground. Many such videos are viral on social media in which people are seen dying in front of your eyes.

It is not that heart attacks have started coming from the year 2022 itself, even before that people have been getting heart attacks and people have been dying due to heart attack. But in the last few months, the speed with which the lives of young people have been lost due to heart attack is a matter of concern. Today, in this article, we will tell you about some viral videos which became the most talked about in the year 2022, because in the blink of an eye some living people become dead.

death came while dancing

This year, in the list of those who died of heart attack, the maximum number of cases have come to such people who got heart attack while dancing and lost their lives. Yogesh Gupta of Jammu was only 20 years old, he was a stage artist. While he was performing his art on stage, he had a heart attack and died.

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Similarly, during a program in Bareilly, a 48-year-old man was dancing on Govinda’s song and suddenly he had a heart attack while dancing, after which he died immediately.

Just a few days ago, a video of Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh was going viral. It can be seen in this that a woman is dancing on the stage at a birthday party and she suddenly falls on the floor while dancing, after which she dies.

died of sneezing

On December 2, such an incident happened which surprised everyone. On this day, a 16-year-old boy, Zubair, who was studying in class X, went out for a walk with his friends at around 10:30 pm. During this, Zubair gets a sneeze and falls on the ground. Zubair dies before his friends can understand anything.

died while playing cricket

Like Zubair, Anuj Pandey, who was studying in class 10, also lost his life suddenly. Anuj was a resident of Kanpur and his age was 16 years. On December 7, when he was playing cricket with his friends, he suddenly got chest pain while playing cricket and died on the ground itself.

Bride died in the middle of marriage

Malihabad falls near Lucknow. Shivangi’s marriage was here on 2 December. Shivangi was looking very happy in her marriage. Everything was going well, but everything changed at the time of Jaimal.

Shivangi standing on the stage suddenly fell unconscious. People immediately took him to the hospital, but by then he had died.

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