Masik Shivratri 2023: When is Masik Shivratri fasting in the year 2023, know the complete list


Masik Shivratri 2023: In Hinduism, the monthly Shivratri is considered the day of meeting of Lord Shankar and Parvati. On the Chaturdashi date of Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month, the recluse Shiva left recluse and married Mother Parvati and entered the life of a householder, although there is another opinion regarding Shivratri that on this date Mahadev first appeared in Shivling Swaroom. 12 Jyotirlingas were revealed, so this date is considered very auspicious for the worship of Mother Shiva and Parvati.

Monthly Shivratri fast is observed on Chaturdashi date of Krishna Paksha of Har. In the year 2023, more months are also being observed, so instead of 12, 13 monthly Shivratri fasts will be observed in the new year. Let’s know when is the monthly Shivratri in the year 2023.

Masik Shivratri 2023 (Masik Shivratri 2023 Date)

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  • 20 January 2023, Friday – Magh Masik Shivratri
  • 18 February 2023, Saturday – Mahashivratri, Falgun Shivratri
  • March 20, 2023, Monday – Chaitra Masik Shivratri
  • 18 April 2023, Tuesday – Vaishakh Masik Shivratri
  • 17 May 2023, Wednesday – Jyestha Masik Shivratri
  • 16 June 2023, Friday – Ashadha Masik Shivratri
  • 15 July 2023, Saturday – Monsoon Monthly Shivratri
  • August 14, 2023, Monday – Adhik Maah, Masik Shivratri
  • 13 September 2023, Wednesday – Bhadrapada Masik Shivratri
  • 12 October 2023, Thursday – Ashwin Masik Shivratri
  • 11 November 2023, Saturday – Kartik Masik Shivratri
  • 11 December 2023, Monday – Margashirsha Masik Shivratri

Masik Shivratri Significance

According to Shiv Puran, fasting on monthly Shivratri saves the seeker from all kinds of troubles. With the effect of this fast even impossible tasks are completed. According to mythological beliefs, Mata Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati, Parvati Mata, Rati Devi also observed monthly Shivratri fast. On the day of Masik Shivratri, the worship of Shiva prevails in the middle of the night i.e. in Nishita Kaal. Worship done in the night gives double benefit to the seeker. Fasting on monthly Shivratri bestows happiness, peace and boon of unbroken good luck to the married woman. On the other hand, unmarried girls fast on this day to get a suitable groom.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not confirm any kind of recognition, information. Before implementing any information or belief, consult the relevant expert.


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