You are suffering the most because of constantly watching the phone, you are falling prey to this problem.


Smartphone Health Effect: In today’s fast-paced life and in this era of competition, our proximity is increasing with smartphones, laptops, computers and other gadgets. Whether it is home or outside, you will find most of the time, most of the people always lost in the mobile. He keeps doing something or the other in mobile, but this is not right. If you are also compelled by this habit and keep looking at its screen or laptop while using the phone for hours, then you need to be alert. Actually, doing this not only spoils your eyes, but you also get old soon. This has been revealed in a recent research.

Research done on flies

According to the report, we are using things like smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, TVs etc. in our routine life for hours every day. These things are not only spoiling our eyes, but our life is also being harmed. According to a research by Oregon State University in the US, the blue light emanating from smartphones and other electronic gadgets can make us old quickly. Scientists carried out this research on flies. Some of these were kept in front of blue light for two weeks. When they were taken out after 2 weeks, it was found that the genes associated with stress in the flies were activated by this light. At the same time, the flies that were kept away from the blue light were absolutely fine.

Metabolites also have an effect

Not only this, if the metabolites of flies of both the groups were also compared, the results were surprising here too. According to the study, blue light has a significant effect on these metabolites. Here you also need to understand about metabolites. Metabolites are substances that are made or used in the body of an organism when the body is breaking down drugs, food or chemicals.

Blue light increases lifespan

Researchers say that we found in research that the cells of flies died quickly due to blue light. That is, the speed of their aging accelerates. Scientists think that blue light has a similar effect in humans as well. Their cells also start dying prematurely, due to which they start aging quickly. At present, more research is needed on this topic.

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