WPI Inflation: Relief on inflation front, wholesale inflation came down to 12.41 percent in August


WPI Inflation: Good news for the people troubled by the impact of inflation has come on the front of wholesale inflation. In August, the wholesale inflation based on WPI i.e. Wholesale Price Index has registered a decline and it has come down to 12.41 percent. In the previous month i.e. July, the wholesale inflation rate stood at 13.93 per cent. Also, this data is showing that the wholesale inflation rate has come down to an 11-month low. However, the inflation rate of food items has not declined and it is showing the same figures of increase.

Food inflation rises
Talking about the data of food inflation, it has come down to 9.93 percent in August and in July 2022, this food inflation rate was at 9.41 percent. Apart from this, there has been a decrease in the wholesale inflation rate of manufactured products. Wholesale inflation in manufactured products has come down to 7.51 per cent as compared to 8.16 per cent in the month of July. There has been a good decline in the wholesale inflation rate of fuel and power and it has come down to 33.67 percent in August from 43.75 percent in July 2022.

Wholesale inflation in double digits for 17 consecutive months
Although there has been a decline in the wholesale inflation rate in August, it is also worth keeping in mind that the wholesale inflation rate in the country has remained in double digits for more than 10 percent for 17 consecutive months.

Inflation rate of primary articles
If we look at the inflation rate of primary articles, it has seen a huge increase in August. The inflation rate of primary articles has increased at the rate of 14.93 per cent as compared to 2.69 per cent in July.

RBI is also expected to raise interest rates due to increase in inflation
The Reserve Bank of India says that to keep inflation rates under control, it can maintain the trend of increasing rates continuously. In this context, the figures of wholesale inflation are also indicating that this time in the meeting of the monetary policy committee, the central bank can again increase the interest rates by 0.50 percent.

The increased inflation rate of these products mainly
According to the press release issued by the National Statistics Office, this time mainly the share of inflation rate of mineral oil, food articles, crude petroleum and natural gas, basic metals, chemical and chemical products, electricity and food items in the wholesale inflation rate. Stayed. These products are showing a higher share in the wholesale inflation rate as compared to the previous month.

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