Why water comes from the nose in winter, is it not a sign of disease?


Runny Nose: You must have often seen in winter that whenever we go out, our nose starts flowing. But we take this problem lightly and do not pay much attention to it. Let us tell you that running nose is such a symptom that you cannot take lightly. The point to be noted here is that if your nose runs normally sometimes, then it can be a normal thing, but if the nose keeps running all the time, then you need to pay attention to it. Let us tell you that the color of the nasal discharge can also be different. Some people only have a clear fluid coming out of the nose. Which can be symptoms of some serious disease.

why water comes from nose in winter

Some people do not even know that they may have any kind of allergy. You ignore these symptoms of frequent sneezing, itching in the nose or watery nose. But if you see all these symptoms too, then you can consult your nearest doctor. This allergy may not be of one type, some may have it from animal’s hair, or it may also be due to dust-pollution. You have to face similar problems in cold also. If there is a cold, then all these problems may have to be faced. If it lasts for a long time in winter, then you must consult your doctor once.

Here we are going to tell you some home remedies, by which you can easily cure this allergy: –

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  • Drink lemon juice mixed with honey, try this recipe twice, it can give you relief.
  • You can also get relief from mustard oil.
  • Salt water can also give you relief in this allergy.

Is running nose a sign of this disease?

While going out, mostly we eat anything spicy or hot, due to this also you may have a problem of flushing. In a disease like meningitis, there are problems like runny nose, fever, headache. So you should check that you do not have this type of infection. In its pneumonia also one has to face problems like chills, watery nose. That’s why you should also not see runny nose in general, before you do not catch any other disease, then do check with the doctor.

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