Big relief to the elderly, more than 30 lakh people submitted life certificate digitally


Life Certificate: Life certificate pension holders have to submit every year. Every year till November, the date for submission of Life Certificate is given. If this is not done, then the pensioners’ money can stop. On Thursday, the Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare (DOPPW) said that more than 30 lakh central government pensioners have used the digital method to submit life certificates.

To make ‘Ease of Life’ of Central Government pensioners, DOPPW is promoting DLC ​​(Digital Life Certificate) in a big way. Earlier, DLC submission was started using biometrics. DOPPW this year launched a nationwide campaign to promote digital life certificates for central government pensioners, under which the use of face authentication technology and DLC has been promoted.

You can submit life certificate sitting at home
A statement issued by the Personnel Ministry said that a total of 30.34 lakh central government pensioners have successfully accessed DLC, of ​​which 2.82 lakh DLCs have been created through face authentication technology. You can use this facility from your smartphone and laptop.

Banks like SBI and PNB are providing this facility
The Ministry of Personnel said in its statement that for the submission of life certificate digitally, authentication of the face is now required. After this, the digital life certificate is submitted online. The ministry said that to provide further relief to the elderly and disabled persons, it has joined hands with banks like SBI and PNB, which are offering the facility of submitting life certificates through Sivir at many places.

relief from long queues
If a pensioner does not submit the life certificate digitally, then the pensioners have to go to the concerned bank to submit their life certificate physically. Earlier, these elders had to stand in long queues for submitting the life certificate physically. However, now through the digital process, senior citizens can easily submit the Digital Life Certificate sitting at home.

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