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What is Embryo Freezing: For the past several days, the word embryo freezing has become a topic of discussion. Recently, an American couple has become parents of twins with the help of Embryo Freezing, which everyone is surprised to hear. According to reports, this embryo was frozen during April in 1992. After which 30 years now children have been born from this embryo. At present, this technique is becoming very popular among the people. People are taking the help of this technique to become parents even after their age. Experts say that when the eggs of a woman and a man are fertilized, then an embryo is produced. After which the embryo is frozen at the same stage, so that it remains in this condition for many years. Once the embryo is frozen, it does not matter for how many years it is frozen.

What is embryo freezing for?

Experts say that at present, due to many reasons, people get married late or decide to become parents. Often people are not able to become parents on time to get set in life, due to which the help of embryo freezing is taken. If you haven’t found your partner yet, you can get your egg frozen. If you have found your life partner, then you can take the help of embryo freezing. Due to medical problems also people take help of embryo freezing technique.

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For embryo freezing, more eggs are produced inside women through injections and medicines. After which the eggs are taken out by giving general anesthesia and then mixed with the partner’s sperm and kept in an incubator. After some time when the eggs get fertilized, healthy eggs are selected from it. After the process of fertilization, when cells start forming in them, then there is a process to freeze the embryo. Then whenever the couple wishes, it is inserted into the woman’s body.

How long can embryos be frozen in India?

Experts say that embryos can be kept frozen for 30 to 40 years, but according to the law of India, embryos cannot be frozen for more than 10 years here.

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