UK: Violence Breaks Out Between ‘Hindu, Muslim Groups’ In Leicester City, Two Arrested


Tensions ran high as violence broke out in England’s Leicester city over the weekend involving youths from the Hindu and Muslim communities. The violence began after an “unplanned protest” by Hindus led to an “impromptu” assembly of Muslims in the same area where there are several Muslim-owned businesses and a Hindu temple nearby, British media reported.

Police stood between the two groups to prevent the escalation of violence as several objects were hurled, the reports said.

A organized for Leicestershire Police said two persons have been arrested as trouble flared up after the “unplanned protest”. A significant police operation will remain in the area in the coming days, BBC reported.

UK media reports suggest that there have been a series of disturbances in Leicester city following the India-Pakistan Asia Cup 2022 cricket match played on August 28.

Leicestershire Police Temporary Chief Constable Rob Nixon said: “We have had numerous reports of an outbreak of disorder in parts of the east Leicester area of ​​the city. We have got officers there, we are taking control of that situation. There are additional officers en route and dispersal powers and stop search powers have been authorized. Please do not get involved, we are calling for calm.”

Appeal By Community Leaders, Police

Suleman Nagdi, a member of the Leicester-based Federation of Muslim Organizations termed the incident as “very alarming”. Speaking to the BBC, he said: “There have been problems in the community since the India and Pakistan cricket match and while that game often sparks gatherings they have not in the past turned this ugly.”

“We need calm – the disorder has to stop and it has to stop now. There are some very dissatisfied young men who have been causing havoc,” he added.

Sanjiv Patel, who represents Hindu and Jain temples across Leicester, also said that he was deeply saddened and shocked by Saturday night’s disorder.

“We have lived in harmony in the city for many decades but over the past few weeks it is clear there are things that need to be discussed around the table to get out what people are unhappy about,” he said.

“Resorting to violence is not the way to deal with this,” Patel said, as quoted by the BBC.

“Across the Hindu and Jain community and with our Muslim brothers and sisters and leaders we are consistently saying ‘calm minds, calm heads’,” he added.

Member of Parliament for Leicester East, Claudia Webbe also appealed for calm.


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