Twitter icon will change color like this, these users will get theme icon support


Twitter: Twitter is in a lot of discussions in recent times. Ever since Elon Musk became the owner of Twitter, many changes have been happening in Twitter. A lot of discussions are also happening regarding Blue subscription. Some people are in favor of it, some are not. In the midst of these discussions, a new update has come for Twitter. A new feature has been introduced in the update. This new feature is for Android users.

Actually, the Android version of Twitter has got the support of theme icon. This support has been introduced for users using Android 13 and above operating systems. In this the icon changes its color according to the wallpaper of the phone.

These users will get theme icon

According to media reports, after the new update, Twitter’s icon will change its color according to the user’s wallpaper and system. According to the information, right now this support has been confirmed only for Google Pixel as well as Samsung Galaxy phones.

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twitter verification service

Twitter has recently introduced the Blue Tick Verification Service. The company had released this service earlier as well, but due to increase in fake accounts, this service was discontinued. After the relaunch, now web users of Twitter will have to pay $8 per month for Blue Tick and iOS users will have to pay $11 per month. Users with Blue subscription will get features like less ads, 1080p video upload, reader mode and edit tweet. Let it also be clarified here, the company has said that the price mentioned for the verification service is for a limited period of time. This means that the company can increase the price in the coming days.

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