Try saffron tea this winter, from menstrual problems to these things


Saffron Tea Benefits: Everyone drinks saffron milk, but have you ever had saffron tea, if not, then do know the benefits of saffron tea once. As soon as you hear the benefits of saffron tea, you will start drinking this tea from today itself. Saffron is also considered very beneficial for health. Consuming this in winter also keeps your body warm. Doctors also recommend drinking saffron milk daily in cold weather. Also, many women have a lot of pain during menstruation, due to which they keep on suffering from pain. Let me tell you that if you make and drink saffron tea for this pain, you will get a lot of relief. Today in this article we will tell you about the benefits of saffron tea.

Try saffron tea this winter

This time in winter, you should also leave normal tea at home and start drinking saffron tea. There are many benefits of drinking this tea. Drinking saffron tea can provide relief in the pain caused by women. Drinking a cup of hot saffron tea during periods not only gives energy but also gives you relief from pain. Along with this, it is also very effective in controlling the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome free from saffron tea. So, if you also have the problem of pain during periods, then make and drink saffron tea at home. Keep in mind that never drink saffron tea in excess, otherwise it can also cause harm.

This way you can make tea at home

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To keep the body healthy and to protect from cold, prepare saffron tea at home. To make this, first take about 7 pieces of saffron in hot water and keep it soaked. Along with this, soak raisins in a bowl as well. Now put water in a soaking pan on the gas, after the water starts boiling add tea leaves and sugar to it and boil it well. When it boils, turn off the gas, now filter this tea and keep it aside. After this, add chopped almonds, cardamom, soaked raisins and cinnamon powder to the same vessel and boil it. Add soaked saffron and its water to it. Just at home your tasty tea with saffron is ready. If you want to make saffron tea in another way, you can put 3-4 threads of saffron in 1 glass of milk or water, boil it for a few minutes, filter it and put it in a glass and add organic honey, just like this, saffron tea will be made. .

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