Peru’s President Dina Boluarte To Replace Prime Minister In Cabinet Shakeup


New Delhi: Peruvian President Dina Boluarte, who took over the reins after Congress ousted former president Pedro Castillo, will replace the prime minister as part of a reshuffling of her Cabinet, she said.

She was vice president until her predecessor was removed from office and then detained after illegally trying to dissolve Congress. Boluarte is the first female president in Peru’s history and the sixth Peruvian president in less than five years.

Boluarte’s elevation to the post comes on the back of political turbulence and widespread protests that left 20 dead, with six more killed after incidents related to road blockades, authorities said, as reported by news agency Reuters.

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The violent protests, considered to be the worst in years, threaten to disrupt Peru’s economy and political stability and hurt investor confidence in the world’s second copper producer.

What changes are expected in the Cabinet?

The Cabinet changes will take place on Monday and Tuesday, Boluarte, cited the news agency quoting her interview to America Television’s news program “Cuarto Poder” on Sunday.

The shakeup comes after the resignation of its education and culture ministers, who quit over deaths during the protests.

Former President Castillo remained at loggerheads with Congress, which held two unsuccessful impeachment trials against him. On December 7, President Pedro Castillo, a 53-year-old former schoolteacher from a poor rural family who was elected in 2021 on a wave of dissatisfaction with traditional politicians, delivered an unexpected address to the nation.

He proclaimed the dissolution of Congress and the establishment of an “exceptional emergency government,” his hands obviously shaking as he read from a script, BBC reported.

The former President also announced a state of emergency saying the measure was intended to “re-establish the rule of law and democracy”.

Since his removal, the supporters of Castillo including the former teacher and son of peasant farmers and others unhappy with the current government, have taken to the streets, blocking roads and closing major airports for days.

Peru has been in political instability for years, with successive governments accused of corruption, impeachment attempts on a regular basis, and presidential terms cut short.


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