Talking in sleep is not normal, it is a sign of parasomnia, know how to avoid it


Parasomnia Disease: Parasomnia is a type of sleeping disorder. In this, any person starts doing different activities in sleep. Like talking, walking in sleep. Sometimes it seems that he is awake but in reality he keeps on sleeping. According to health experts, the disease of Parasomnia is common in most cases but it can be serious in certain cases. Let us know what is parasomnia and how to treat it.

cause of parasomnia

According to health experts, there can be many reasons behind the problem of parasomnia. One or two of the following problems can also trigger the problem of parasomnia…

tension or stress



substance use

use of certain drugs

change bedtime

sleeping disorders such as insomnia


neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease

treatment of parasomnia

This treatment of parasomnia is decided according to these things, which level of problem, how serious it is, for how long. In many cases, along with using medicines, doctors also recommend taking cognitive behavioral therapy.

Keep these things in mind in parasomnia

If someone close to you is troubled by this problem, then you should take special care of some things. Like, remove such things from the room that can hurt him at night, lock the windows and all the doors. Wake the patient at the same time every day so that he will start getting used to it in a few days. This is called the scheduled awakening technique. Apart from this, if you wake up repeatedly in the night and you feel that you are mumbling in your sleep, then you should immediately consult a doctor and start medication.

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