Spinach-Paneer should not be eaten together, know why


Bad Food Combinations: As soon as the winter season comes, green leafy vegetables start selling more in the market. In the cold season, people eat green leafy vegetables with great enthusiasm. People make green vegetables in different ways and it is eaten with different dishes. In the mountains, where greens are liked to be eaten with rice and roti, in Punjab it is preferred with maize roti. It is winter season and it is impossible that Palak Paneer is not included in one’s diet. Generally, Palak Paneer is definitely made in every house during the winter season. In winter, green vegetables provide many nutrients to the body, due to which the body remains warm as well as immunity is also strong.

Many nutrients including protein, fiber, antioxidants are found in spinach which are beneficial for the body. Spinach is either mostly eaten as a greens or it is made with paneer. In winter, people eat palak paneer with great fervor. But, do you know eating palak paneer together is not beneficial for the body. Yes, palak paneer should not be consumed together, know why.

this is the reason

Celebrity nutritionist Nmami Agarwal has shared a video on Instagram in which she explained why spinach and paneer should not be eaten together. He told that there are some combinations in food items which should not be eaten together. Mainly calcium and iron foods.

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Nutritionist Namami told that healthy diet does not mean that you should eat the right food at the right time. He said that the right combination is also necessary for this. Some food combinations are such that when eaten together, they prevent the absorption of each other’s nutrients. A similar combination is of calcium and iron. He said that on the one hand where there is calcium in paneer, on the other hand iron is found in spinach. When a person eats both together, the calcium present in paneer prevents the absorption of iron present in spinach, due to which the body does not get iron from spinach.

then with whom to eat

Namami Agarwal said that to get maximum benefit of spinach, it should be consumed with spinach potato or spinach corn.

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