Some seats confirmed on one PNR and some waiting! Know what is the rule of railway


Indian Railway Ticket Booking: If you often travel by Indian Railways, then you must have come across such a situation many times, after which you have to face trouble. Whenever you plan to go somewhere with your family, you book tickets for all of them at the same time. Some of these people’s tickets get confirmed and some don’t. What will you do in such a situation? Which way is left with you? This creates a situation of trouble many times. Know what rules have been made by the Railways in this regard.

If the tickets of all the passengers are not confirmed on the day of travel. That is, some have been confirmed and some people are waiting. In such a situation, the question arises whether all people can travel or not. Or those whose seats have been confirmed, only they can travel. Railway rules should be known in this regard.

so many tickets are booked
Every year thousands of people travel by railway, in which many people go from one place to another. Most of the people travel on Teej-festivals that happen throughout the country. According to the Railway Board, before Corona, in 2019-20, about 16 crore waiting tickets were booked in the railways every year, out of which more than 7 crore passengers were confirmed before leaving the waiting ticket train and about 9 crore were not confirmed. Could have happened. They were either deprived of traveling or used to travel by some other means.

what is the rule
According to railway rules, tickets for 6 passengers can be booked in one PNR. If tickets are confirmed only for some of the 6 passengers, then the rest of the people can travel in the train, whose PNR number is the same. If there is an e-ticket, even if a single ticket is confirmed in the PNR, it will not be cancelled. If the ticket of even a single passenger is not confirmed in the PNR, then the ticket gets canceled automatically. In the rest, your money is refunded. Similarly, if there are some RAC and some waiting in a PNR, then everyone can travel in the train.

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