Brazilian legend Pele hospitalized again, condition critical


Pele: Former Brazilian veteran footballer Pele is unwell and has been admitted to the hospital. Pele, considered one of the greatest football players, has been admitted to the hospital in Sao Paulo. According to local media, Pele had to be brought to the hospital due to swelling, heart problems and mental problems. It seems that his cancer treatment has not been successful.

According to ESPN Brasil, when Pele was admitted, he had swelling all over his body and the doctor found in his examination that he also had a problem with his heart. After coming to the hospital, Pele’s brain was also not working completely and he was not able to remain stable in one place. Pele is unable to eat anything with his own hands and has been kept in the hospital for further investigation. 82-year-old Pele is battling cancer and it seems that his chemotherapy has not been successful.

Pele was hospitalized last year

Pele was also admitted to the hospital in September 2021, from where the tumor was removed from his body through surgery. After the surgery, his condition was critical and he was in the ICU for several days, but later his condition improved. However, since then his chemotherapy was going on continuously. Now after his hospitalization again, it seems that his chemotherapy has not been successful. Doctors are now trying to find out by conducting more tests which parts of his body have been affected by cancer.

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