Safalta Ki Kunji: If you avoid pride, you will definitely get success, learn from this story of Hanuman ji and Bhim


Safalta Ki Kunji, Motivational Thoughts Lord Hanuman and Bheem Story In Hindi: If you become proud and arrogant after being successful or powerful, then believe me, it will not take you any time to get ruined. The key to success and success is found only in such a person, whose nature remains humble even after being successful and always remains at the forefront to help others. You should learn this thing from this story of Dwapar era related to Lord Hanuman and Bhima.

Story of Hanuman ji and Bhima

According to this story, during the Dwapar era, when the Pandavas were going through exile, they stayed near Gandhamadan mountain in the north direction. One day Draupadi told Bhima to bring fragrant flowers. Bhima went to fetch flowers to fulfill Draupadi’s wish. But on the way Bhima saw an old monkey who was lying on the road with his tail spread.

Bhima was very strong and he was very proud of his strength. Bhima told the old monkey in very proud and arrogant words to remove his tail from the path. But the monkey told Bhima to leave by crossing his tail.

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Bhim also refused to do so showing arrogance. On this the old monkey said that you yourself remove my tail. Bhima was very strong, but when he tried to remove the tail of the old monkey, the tail did not budge. Bhim tried a lot but the tail did not even move. After this Bhim realized that it could not be an ordinary monkey. Bhima folded hands in front of the monkey and said, please introduce your real self, who are you?

Then Hanuman ji appeared to Bhima in his real form and Hanuman ji said to Bhima, you were not successful in removing the tail because force should be accompanied by humility, not arrogance. If you avoid arrogance then you will definitely get success in every work. An arrogant person will not take any time to get ruined.

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