Horoscope Today 19 December 2022: Know today’s horoscope of everyone including Aries, Taurus, Leo on Safala Ekadashi


Horoscope Today 19 December 2022, Today’s Rashifal, Daily Horoscope: According to the Panchang, today will be Ekadashi Tithi. Chitra Nakshatra will again be Swati Nakshatra till 10:30 am today. Today Vashi Yoga, Anandadi Yoga, Sunfa Yoga, Lakshminarayan Yoga, Budhaditya Yoga, Atigand Yoga will be supported by planets.

If your zodiac sign is Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, then there is Hans Yoga and Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, then you will get the benefit of Shash Yoga, whereas the eclipse of Moon-Ketu will be bad. Moon will remain in Libra. Today’s auspicious time is two. From 10:15 am to 11:15 am there will be Shubh’s Chowghadiya and from 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm there will be Labh-Amrit’s Chowghadiya. There, Rahukal will remain from 07:30 to 09:00 in the morning. Let’s know today’s horoscope (Rashifal in Hindi)-

You will get encouragement from your children. Have a meal with the family and share the thoughts that are in your mind. There will be a pleasant atmosphere between husband and wife. If any plan related to partnership is being made in the business, then do it between 10:15 to 11:15 in the morning and 4:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon. But don’t do any kind of auspicious work like marriage, housewarming, engagement, auspicious time and auspicious work now because from 16th December to 14th January there will be Malmas.

Working women may be somewhat tensed about any of their work. Others will be attracted to your personality at the workplace. Will get the guidance of a senior person. Students will be busy in studies. Do not take problems like cough and cold carelessly. Make sure to get your proper treatment done.

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Due to the feeling of restlessness in sleep, fatigue can be felt. In business, instead of hurrying, try to complete your work smoothly and thoughtfully. Your work will be done smoothly. With the formation of Budhaditya, Lakshminarayan, Sunfa and Vasi Yoga, the business trip will be successful and business will grow.

Fatigue will be felt at the workspace. Rivals will be active. Avoid getting entangled with seniors. Will get the guidance of a talented person. This is the time to dedicate to the family. Your special effort will be in keeping the relationship sweet. Students will be satisfied with the recognition they got through their hard work.

Beginning of the week, you will get the fruits of your efforts in business. Can prepare a framework to complete the stuck government work. It is a suitable time to increase the business, but you should also pay attention to publicity so that the attraction increases. There is a feeling of stagnation in matters related to career, it will go away and the work will start gaining momentum.

Will get family support. Keep things handy. Interest in spirituality will increase. Find safe and responsible financial options now. You will enjoy spending time with your family. Students will be connected with new old friends through social media. Health can be spent.

Cancer zodiac sign-
Keep in mind in business that getting angry can also spoil the circumstances. There will be a hindrance in the work being done. Due to the formation of eclipse defect, you will be harmed in getting confused with someone at the workplace. It is advised for you to keep distance from unnecessary disputes. There will be more rush. Have patience. You will find yourself far behind in your career and will be disappointed.

Control anger. Problems will go away with wisdom. Do not take harsh decisions to keep the arrangement of the house proper. Rather patiently make the circumstances positive. Change your attitude to change your life. One mistake is enough to spoil the image socially, so do any work carefully. Students should pay more attention to their studies. Will feel tired and lazy in the body. Chronic disease may arise.

Leo sun sign-
Business system can be improved. Most of the work will be completed on time. Do not come under the influence of sycophants in the office and pay attention to your work only. A ray of hope is rising in the field of career building, which will provide benefits and happiness in future. With the support of Sunfa Yoga, you will get mental peace by fulfilling family responsibilities.

Along with this, good news related to money will be received. The condition of making profit from domestic property is visible. If there is a domestic property, then its papers should be preserved. Students, if you are feeling lonely or sad, reach out to your teacher. There will be an increase in confidence. It is necessary to be alert and careful about health. A little carelessness can cause problems for you and spoil your day.

You will be able to improve your functioning at workspace. You will get respect in the society. House wife and working woman will be able to fulfill the responsibilities towards her family in the best possible way. Students will be able to face challenges fearlessly due to domestic problems. But in the matter of health, keep in mind that mental stress should not affect your health.

If you work in the field of insurance etc. then you are going to get better customers from whom your goal will be accomplished faster. In business, if you are trying to tackle a particular task, then you can get success. If any government work has stopped, then there is a good chance to complete it. With the formation of Lakshminarayan, Sunfa, Vasi and Budhaditya yoga, opportunities for profit will come in hand.

Players will be able to spend maximum time on their practice. If you are thinking about your promotion in the workplace, then you will have to wait for some time now. Traders dealing in electronic items seem to be in a position to make profits, pay attention to work. Due to the formation of Vasi Yoga, the present time will be full of achievements.

At this time, devote all your hard work and energy towards your work. There will be full cooperation of higher officials in solving the problems coming at the workspace. And mutual relations with colleagues will also remain cordial. An outline will be made to buy vehicles and houses. Decide on your need and availability. Protect yourself from the current weather. There is a possibility of allergies like cold and cough.

Retail traders will have to work relatively harder to make a profit, but do not get stressed. Negative speaking should be avoided. Your negative speech can spoil the relationship. Keep fulfilling the responsibility in the office, there is no need to worry about it. These responsibilities are collecting benefits. To complete the work on time, it would be better to concentrate the mind.

There is a need to strengthen social relations, avoid delaying it. Charitable or non-profit works are also useful ways to make your life and character better. Joint family has its own dignity which should be followed. Never uproot the dead, the problem will increase. The student has to pay attention to his education.

Workspace Control your speech while conversing with someone. Avoid hasty actions. The planetary position in business will be quite satisfactory. At this time, you should recognize your talent and keep your daily routine and work in order with full energy. Due to the formation of Sunfa and Vasi Yoga, your business will gain momentum due to the removal of legal hurdles in the business.

There will be chances of money gain. Will spend time with life partner. Married life will be happy. There will be happiness outside the house. Would like to go out. Will get family support. Don’t be lazy. The new generation should actively participate in social service. If there is an event somewhere, take an active part in it. Students will be busy in studies to make a career. In terms of health, the day will be mixed and fruitful.

There is a need to take decisions keeping a vision in business. Business trip will be successful. The solution to any big problem will be found easily. There can be unexpected profit. There will be cooperation of officers on the workspace. Efforts to remove unemployment will be successful. It may take time to understand each other’s words and thoughts.

It will be necessary to bring changes in many things related to family business. Will have to continue trying to stay connected with the partner and family. It will be necessary for the elderly to pay more attention to their health. Family responsibility can be put on you. Keeping control over your speech, you should remain calm, by doing this the situation will be fine. Students will win over the enemies, yet caution is necessary. Be careful about health.

The positive attitude of the employee in the business can improve the arrangement of the workplace. Your presence and concentration is very important. There is a need to pay more attention to your project in the office. With the completion of this project, there can be a possibility of your promotion. Will meet an old friend and old happy memories will also be fresh.

The atmosphere of the house will also remain auspicious. Students will try to be successful in their field. Loss is possible due to haste. Due to unbalanced diet, the stomach may remain somewhat upset. Give respect to the women of the family and do the work of making them happy by giving them their favorite gifts. Include only seasonal things in the food. Loss due to injury or accident is possible.

Due to the formation of eclipse defect, some profitable opportunities may also slip out of your hands in the process of humiliating others in a business meeting. Keep in mind that time is not the same. Do not share your plans and activities with anyone. Negligence in doing job is not tolerated. Keep the data of whatever work you do.

Chances of increase in employment will remain negligible. Avoid controversy. Take care of the health of the child. Emotional and physical well-being is important for you at this time. The mind will be disturbed by pessimistic thoughts. You and your spouse may remain a little worried due to ill health of the elders of the house. The student will not feel like studying. In terms of health, you can become a victim of itching.

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