Railways: This equipment is being used by TTE inside the train, 7000 passengers are getting benefit every day


Railway Seat Allotment: The fun of traveling by train becomes gritty when you tick, and your ticket is sometimes left in waiting, so you do not need to worry. Now Indian Railways has given new technology to its ticket checker TTE. With the help of which 7000 passengers are confirmed RAC inside the train every day.

7,000 unconfirmed seat passengers will get the benefit
Let us tell you that the railway’s new hand-held terminal for Computerized On-Board Ticket Inquiry and allotment of vacant seats has averaged around 7,000 unconfirmed seat passengers in the last 4 months. Facility has been provided to get confirmed seat daily in trains. This information has been received from the railway data.

What is HHT Tool
HHT devices are the size of an iPad (I-pad), which include preloaded passenger reservation charts. Instead of going through paper charts as before, ticket checking staff can search for real-time updates on bookings by searching through these tools, which are connected to the central server of the passenger reservation system. Therefore, if a passenger with a reserved ticket does not cancel his/her journey at the last minute, the vacant seat is displayed on the HHT device, allowing the Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) the wait-listed passenger or the Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) passenger to book the seat. able to allocate.

You can check with TTE
According to railway sources, in this regard, passengers with RAC or Waiting List tickets can check with TTE through HHT about the availability of vacant berths on real time basis and this will result in further delays in trains. There is transparency in seat allotment. Under the project launched about 4 months ago, TTEs of about 1,390 trains are carrying about 10,745 HHT at different stages of their journey or parts of their journey in the train every day. In the last 4 months, on an average, 5,448 RAC passengers and 2,759 wait-listed passengers were allotted seats daily through HHT.

so many people are getting benefit
Apart from seat allotment to RAC or wait-listed passengers, about 7,000 unused vacant seats are also being issued daily to PRS through HHT to make them available for booking from the next station on the route of trains.

long distance train
In the next 3 to 4 months, these HHT devices will be made available in all long distance trains including weekly and bi-weekly. HHT can also be used to collect additional fare, fine and other charges from passengers through digital payment options. In future, these will also be used to issue receipts to them.

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