PM Modi Birthday: Auspicious yoga present in the horoscope, Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes the world leader


PM Modi Birthday: The carrier of the world’s largest democracy, the successful face of India on the world stage and the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, will complete 72 years of his age on 17 September 2022 and enter the 73rd year. Let us know what his birth chart says according to Sanatan Vedic astrology-

Special features of Narendra Modi’s horoscope that make him different from others

  • Prime minister Narendra Modi The horoscope is of Scorpio Ascendant.
  • Lagna Mars is making the marriage strong by sitting in the ascendant.
  • Along with Mars, Moon, the lord of the ninth house, is also sitting and forming Parashari Raja Yoga with the relation of Kendra Trikona.
  • Moon debilitated Bhang Raja Yogas are also created.
  • The lord of the sixth house, Mars, sitting in the Ascendant, is making a conqueror over the opponents.
  • The seventh lord makes Venus sitting in the tenth house and makes a person who talks about the interest of women.
  • The effect of Saturn on the fourth and tenth house shows the power of democracy and the attainment of the state from it.
  • Panchmesh and second Jupiter are making the Lagna strong by sitting in the Kendra house and also strengthening the tenth house.
  • The Sun in the eleventh house is making you the winner even in adverse situations and Rahu in the fifth house is making you the one who removes all the problems.

Being a Scorpio Ascendant, ‘PM Modi’ is expert in strategizing
Being a Scorpio Ascendant and Scorpio zodiac, make all your strategy unobvious to anyone. Right now there is antardasha of Rahu in his Mahadasha of Mars. It will run till the middle of May 2023. After that the dasha of Jupiter will start in Mars. Due to the dasha of Rahu in Mars, he may be defeating enemies and opponents but he is also facing challenges equally.

Mars is in the constellation of Jupiter and Rahu is in the constellation of Saturn
Saturn’s transit is currently in the third house in PM Modi’s horoscope and in January 2023 it will be in the fourth house, from where it will affect the sixth, tenth and ascendant house. Jupiter is over Rahu in the fifth house and is aspecting the ninth, eleventh and ascendant house. Will move to the sixth house in April. Rahu is already transiting in 6th house.

don’t be afraid of challenges
The current circumstances are enabling him to get out even from the adversity and giving victory over the opponents in any form. In the coming time, December 2022 is going to be challenging. In this time, someone can come up with such a law, for which there may be a lot of opposition. Health will also have to be taken care of during this time. But after December, things will start getting better again and the opponents will be seen to be defeated.

will increase in popularity
From January 2023 to April 2023, there will be an increase in popularity and a lot of credibility on the world stage. No matter how dire the circumstances, PM Modi’s popularity does not seem to be declining. In the year 2023, there will be some such incidents between April and September, which seem to make the situation even better.

strengthen the army
With the effect of the Mahadasha of Mars, we are paying special attention to strengthen weapons and armies and will continue to do so.

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