Pitru Paksha: Business decreased in Pitru Paksha, up to 25 percent decline in gold-silver business


Buying Gold in Pitru Paksha 2022 : The 16-day fortnight of Pitru Paksha has started in the Sanatan culture of Hinduism across the country. Its effect is being seen on every business of the country. There has been a direct impact on some businesses in Pitru Paksha. But it has affected the most on gold and silver. There has been a decline of about 25 percent.

Business will improve on the father’s side

Market experts believe that people are demanding delivery in Navratri by booking now. After the Pitru Paksha, a boom in business is expected. During Pitru Paksha, there has been a decline of 10 percent in the total trade. During this time all kinds of Manglik, matrimonial and other auspicious works are not done. Most of the people shop only for essential items during this period.

What did the Confederation say

Praveen Khandelwal, General Secretary of Confederation of All India Traders, says that overall business in Pitru Paksha has decreased by 10 percent. The most affected gold and silver business has been done, it has declined by 25 percent. Because gold and silver are bought for auspicious work and people do not buy gold and silver during Pitru Paksha. They tell that these 16 days are very important days for the trader, the business plan for the coming year has to be done in these 15/16 days.

D.No effect in India

Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) CEO Saharsh Damani says that the effect of Pitru Paksha is in North India, there is no effect on sales in South India. In North India, people do not book during this time, but those who want vehicles in Navratri, have already booked. Even though there is a decrease in the sales of vehicles in North India at this time, but there is no effect in the sales of the whole month. Because those who are not taking delivery now, they will take it in Navratri.

people not buying new stuff

Jewelers of NCR say that people are not buying new items, they are booking items by liking and talking about lifting items during Navratri. The business has declined by more than 50 percent. This type of trend comes every year.

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