Make urad dal curd on the day of Shradh big, ancestors will be happy


Urad Dal Dahi Vada Making Tips: During Shradh Paksha, food is served to the ancestors for 15 days. Remembering the ancestors, their favorite dishes are made. In Shradh, especially things made from urad dal have importance. In such a situation, if you have Shradh at home or if you want to make them happy by feeding them on any one day, then make curd made of urad dal on that day. They look very tasty to eat.

However, making curds is not easy and people often complain that their curds are not soft. Or else it is not as tasty as the yogurt of the market. Well now you do not need to worry, today we are telling you to make very tasty and soft curd in a very easy way. Keeping these tips in mind, if you make curd big, then it will become very soft.

How To Make Urad Dal Soft Curd Bade

1- You have to soak urad dal in water overnight or at least 6-7 hours before making curd. Take care not to add salt while soaking or grinding the lentils. Otherwise it will not swell very well.

2- To make soft curd big, it is important that you beat the ground lentils well with a spoon. The more you beat the dal, the softer the curd will become.

3- When the lentils are beaten well, then check it by putting it in water. If the lentils come up in the water, then it means that the lentils have been beaten well. Now add salt, a little cumin and red chili if you want.

4- Take care of the gas while cooking it. When put in a large pan, the gas is high and then after 1 minute reduce the flame. Keep the flame medium while frying.

5- You have to deep fry till it becomes light brown. Take out the elders and put them in the water. The extra oil that is there will come out and it will become very soft.

6- Let the elder lie in the water for about 1 hour. While serving, take out the big ones and then serve them with sour sweet and green chutney.

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