Maa Lakshmi gets angry due to these mistakes related to broom, poverty comes in the house


Broom Vastu Tips In Hindi: In Hinduism, the broom is considered a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. According to beliefs, in the house where the broom is disrespected, Goddess Lakshmi also gets upset.

Some mistakes related to Broom not only hinder the progress but also double the difficulties. Disrespecting the broom brings poverty in the house. According to Vastu, there is a special rule from keeping the broom to applying it and it is necessary to follow it to avoid inauspicious effects. Let us know about these rules related to broom.

Do not make these mistakes related to broom

  • Broom should never be applied immediately after a member of the house comes out. By doing this, the person going out of the house does not get success in his work. There is also a decrease in happiness and prosperity due to this.
  • After the work of broom is done, keep it at such a place where it cannot be seen by others. According to Vastu, it is not considered good to see a broom in front because it removes the positive energy from the office or home. That’s why don’t keep the broom in the open.
  • If the broom is broken, it should be removed immediately, otherwise Vastudosh appears in the house. Many types of calamities come in the house by applying a broken broom and the person is always surrounded by difficulties.
  • Never keep it standing after sweeping, it is considered inauspicious in Vastu. Keeping the broom standing causes lack of money in the house, so always keep it lying on the ground. Keeping a broom in the west direction of the house is considered auspicious.
  • Avoid sweeping the house or office in the evening. It is said that positive energy goes out due to this and there is a decrease in happiness and prosperity. That’s why don’t sweep in the evening or night.
  • After sweeping, keep it lying down in such a way that no one’s foot steps on it. Stepping on the broom is considered an insult to Lakshmi and by doing so, the economic condition of the house starts deteriorating. The broom should never be washed with dirty water, otherwise one may have to face calamities.
  • If you want to change the old broom, take special care of the day. Always choose a Saturday to bring a new broom to the house. It is very auspicious to use a new broom on Saturday and it brings Lakshmi to the house.

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