Garuda Purana: With these 5 habits, a person becomes a king, leave it today, otherwise you will become a pauper.


Garuda Purana Niti Granth: Garuda Purana is one of the 18 Mahapuranas of Hinduism. In this, along with birth and death, the mysterious things related to successful and simple life have been told.

By following the things mentioned in Garuda Purana, a person enjoys happiness in his life. Some such things have been mentioned in Garuda Purana, due to which a person becomes poor. That’s why a person should give up these bad qualities as soon as there is time. Because by these habits a person becomes a ruffian from a king. Let us know what are those habits from which it is better to keep distance from the person.

Abandon these habits today, otherwise you will become poor.

  • Pride- A person should never be proud of money, health, son, intelligence etc. Pride or arrogance corrupts a person’s intelligence and such a person goes away from the society.
  • Greed-Greed is such a bad thing that you should keep distance from it immediately. Greed destroys a happy life. A greedy person adopts the wrong path instead of working hard to achieve success and in such a situation he can never enjoy the pleasures of life.
  • Exploitation of the helpless- Those who exploit the poor, helpless and laborers and take away their rights, become poor very quickly. Mother Lakshmi does not stay with such people for a long time. So avoid this bad deed in your life.
  • Wearing dirty clothes- Some people have a habit that they do not clean their clothes daily and wear dirty clothes. But according to Garuda Purana, such people who wear dirty clothes, do not take bath and have dirty nails also have to face poverty. Because Goddess Lakshmi gets angry with such people.

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