Know why Indian stock market will bounce bank?


Nifty has been successful in crossing 18,100. It is good that we are looking short at 17600-17500. This will give support to Nifty. In the next 5 days, 3 days are going to be important in terms of trending in the market. We will get to see the action of the Federal Reserve. But I am bullish on the market. My target on Nifty in next 4 to 5 years is 37,800. The demand for metal is going to increase. Capacity will expand. I am bullish that is why oil prices will rise.  The biggest principle of the bull market is to buy on the downside.  This is what I have been doing since 2008. People who have bought on the downside have made money. My advice would be to follow this approach till 2026. 

My advice would be to first understand the stock in which you want to invest. Buy when you have confidence. When a stock falls by 20%, buy it without hesitation. Don’t worry about who is selling. So far CNI has been proved correct in 90 per cent of the cases ranging from multibaggers to superbaggers. Our prediction has proved correct for Tata Motors, Tata Power, IndusInd Bank and ICICI Bank.  

I want to talk about Vipul Organics Ltd. Which has become a specialty chemical manufacturing company from a trading company. The company has expanded from 20 tonnes to 300 tonnes in 4 years. The company’s target is 1000 to 1200 tonnes which is a big target. The company has a great team. They have people from Pidilite, another multinational company. The company’s cash flow is better, so if you are looking for a multibagger in the commercial sector, then this can prove to be the right investment. My predictions have been proved correct. However, I believe that Friday’s fall was acting as a balancing act, so the return of the market is certain. 

Kishore P Ostwal
CMI Research Limited (These are personal views of the author) 


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