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pollution and mental health: Anger is natural, it is a kind of emotion, but excessive anger, irritability all the time is a serious problem. Actually, our environment is responsible behind this. According to a study, the people of the state and city where there is more pollution have the most problem of high BP. The effect of pollution is happening not only on humans but also on animals. These are not only harming the lungs, heart and skin, but it also affects your mental health, due to which many problems have started. According to psychiatrists, anything that affects physical health affects mental health. Along with increasing pollution in the environment, many other studies have been done which show the effect of pollution on mental health. Between 2010 and 2014, about 32000 people were studied and found by Yale University of America and Peking University of China. That air pollution has affected both their physical and mental health.

Promotion of disorders like personality disorder

According to experts, respiratory problems, sleep disturbance, visible mist in the air due to lack of light, which affects the neurotransmitters in the brain, Rao. It also affects the nervous system. Along with this, it causes anxiety. , Exacerbates disorders such as depression, personality disorders and low tolerance.

Hormonal imbalance due to pollution

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According to experts, if there is more pollution, it affects our sleep and if the level of pollution in our surroundings is very high while sleeping, then we have difficulty in breathing, due to which the oxygen level in the body starts going down. And the mind becomes active. When the mind is active, we do not get sleep and it keeps breaking sleep again and again. When the level of oxygen in the brain is low, it affects your mood, due to which you feel depression, irritability, anger. Due to lack of sleep, sleep continues throughout the day, due to which hormonal imbalance remains in the body and there is often a problem of mood swings.

direct link between pollution and mental health

According to a report in The Guardian, according to a study conducted in Britain, there is a direct link between air pollution and mental health. This research was done in 2021 on 13000 people by the researches of the University of Bristol. Research found that about 32% of people with mental health problems required treatment and 18% of people had to be admitted to the hospital after exposure to nitrogen dioxide present in polluted air. Due to increase in pollution, cases of depression and anxiety are increasing. It affects mental health a lot, due to which pollution can cause dangerous diseases like dementia.

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