Do you know that using plastic straws can make you age faster?


Plastic Straw:Drinking juice or cold drinks from plastic straws looks cool and fashionable. Usually all of us use straws. It is convenient enough but leaves no stone unturned to create problems. This straw can harm your health as well as your beauty. Let us know to what extent it can harm you.

Harm to health from plastic straw

gaining weight: If you drink juice or cold drinks through a straw, you end up drinking more than you need. In such a situation, small sips of these high-calorie soft drinks can cause you to gain weight. This increases your appetite and harms the body.

Tooth decay: If you drink drinks with the help of a plastic straw, it can damage your molars by touching your teeth and enamel. What daughter and freak problem can you have with this.

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Skin problem: When you try to drink something from a straw, your lips may form a pout. Repeating this activity more than once can lead to fine lines and wrinkles around your lips, as well as wrinkles around your eyes. Might start giving.

Chemical increase in the body: Plastic straws are made of Poly Propylene, when you drink through a straw, it passes chemicals directly into your body with your drink, affecting hormone levels.

Revealed in the study
According to a research, microplastic is reaching the lungs of humans. According to a study done in England, small pieces of plastic were found in the lungs of living beings, before this scientists and researchers have found traces of plastic in human feces and blood. All these are the result of these.

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