Indian Railways IRCTC: Railways has installed LED lights in 65000 coaches, now there will be a saving of 40 crores every year


Power Saving LED Lights in Railways Coaches : If you also like to travel often by Indian Railways, then let us tell you that the railway has made a new record. This time the Railways has installed LED lights in its 65 thousand coaches. It is being told that this will save electricity. This will save the Railways Rs 40 crore every year.

40 crore savings every year
The Ministry of Railways has claimed on Twitter that LED lights have been installed in 65 thousand coaches. With this change, the power consumption has come down significantly. This will save 6.5 crore kilowatt per hour (Kwh) units of electricity annually. Now about 40 crore rupees will be saved every year.

Power Saving LED Lights in Coaches: Sustainable, Durable & Energy Efficient!

— Ministry of Railways (@RailMinIndia) September 12, 2022” title=”” target=””>

good step for environment
Let us tell you that this decision will have a very positive effect on the environment of the country. Due to this, less carbon dioxide (CO2) will be dissolved in the environment. According to the Ministry of Railways, this will reduce the emission of 4920 tons of CO2 in a year. Along with this, the rail is part of an important step to make the journey of passengers easier and increase facilities for them. This will reduce power consumption.

world’s fourth largest railway service
Indian Railways has informed by tweeting that there is continuous improvement in operational efficiency. There is a continuous improvement in the infrastructure for increasing the speed of the train and increasing its capacity. For this the railway track is being renewed. India ranks fourth in the world in terms of railway service. The total rail route length for the National Railway System as on 31 March 2022 is 67,956 km. In the financial year 2019-20, Railways has carried 808.6 crore (8086 million) passengers. 13,169 passenger trains run daily across the country. There are a total of 7,325 stations in rural and urban areas of the country for trains passing through cities and villages.

Improving operational efficiency!

Railways continuously improving infrastructure by renewing tracks for speed & efficiency.

— Ministry of Railways (@RailMinIndia) September 13, 2022” title=”” target=””>

8th place in the world in terms of job placement
The railways have set up branches for locomotive and coach production for the manufacture of electric and diesel locomotives across the country. As of March 2020, 12.54 lakh employees were employed in the Railways. It is the 8th largest employer in the world. The central government wants to electrify the entire rail network of India by 2023-24. The government’s intention is that by 2030, the railways should become a zero carbon emission organization.

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