If you see an elephant in a dream, then understand that your luck has opened, you get auspicious signs


Sapne Me Hathi Dekhna: Most people have dreams while sleeping at night. Some dreams are good and some are very bad. According to dream science, every dream definitely has some meaning. If you see elephant in your dream then it also has a special meaning. The elephant is considered a symbol of opulence and good fortune. Dreaming of an elephant is considered very auspicious. It is considered an indicator of happiness and peace in the house. Know from the dream scriptures what it means to see an elephant in a dream.

Elephant indicates happiness and prosperity

To see an elephant in a dream means that you are going to gain respect and respect soon. If you see yourself riding on an elephant in your dream, it means that you are going to get progress soon. Especially if the Airavat elephant is seen in the dream, then it is considered an indicator of some great achievement. Due to this achievement, your status in the society will increase and your wealth will increase. On the other hand, if an elephant-elephant pair is seen in the dream, it means that happiness is going to come in married life.

elephant of wealth

If a pregnant woman sees an elephant in her dream, then it indicates the arrival of a lucky child. To dream of a swinging elephant means that you will soon get rid of all your problems. Seeing a herd of elephants in a dream indicates sudden monetary gains. To see an elephant standing in your dream means that there may be an obstacle in your work and you may be alone in times of trouble.

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