If the desktop has become slow then you can make it fast like this


Make Your PC Run Faster: Technology has made the work easy. From any corner of the world, you can see the work in the company or what is happening in your company. Whether an employee working in the office or doing work-from-home, all work through laptop or desktop. Internet has made things easy. You must have often noticed that when you work on the laptop continuously or open many tabs, it suddenly starts slowing down. This is because when we are browsing, our laptop or desktop collects a lot of information, such as visited websites, passwords, cookies, downloads, etc.

As this data gets accumulated on the laptop or desktop, it increases the load and slows down the computer. People who know about this subject keep deleting cookies, history etc. daily after finishing their work, but people who do not know about this do not do so and then their system starts slowing down.

Many times, when people face this problem, they show it to the market. The shopkeeper charges several hundred rupees from you for doing 2 minutes work. Today, through this article, know how you can make your system fast and delete website information, download data, history etc. collected in it.

What is Cookies, Cache and History

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When you visit a website, a cookie pop-up asks you to accept cookies. To speed up the work, you accept it many times and move on to the next task. These cookies are special types of files that are created by the website. These files make your online experience easier. They help the browser to load the website faster when you next visit that website.

The cache collects all the information of the website like images, pages etc. so that the next time the website opens faster and your online experience is good. At the same time, whatever you see in the browsing history keeps getting collected. When all this information keeps getting collected on the system continuously, then it starts slowing down the computer. Know what to do to remove them.

delete like this on google chrome

First of all, open Google Chrome on your laptop or desktop and click on the 3 dots appearing in the top right corner. Now select the option of More Tools and select the option of Clear Browsing Data. Here you will see three different options, in which the first is browsing history, the second is download history and the third is the cookies and data of websites.

After clicking on all three, you can delete them. While deleting them, you will also see the information in which it has been told that how much space will be freed from it. If you use Mozilla Firefox, then you will get this option by going to settings in that too. You have to choose a similar option in Safari browser as well.

important thing

When you clear all the things then you have to login again on all the websites where you were working. If you do not want the important information of a website to be deleted, then you can remove it while selecting the option (when deleting cookies). But, to speed up the system, you always delete everything.

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