If a private video becomes viral by mistake, take this action immediately


It is more harmful than the advantages of the world of technology. We all know this thing, in spite of this, its people are often negligent, due to which they have to bear the brunt of them as well as the rest of the people associated with them. If something like this happens to you accidentally or intentionally, then we are going to tell you what steps you should take.

Make Password Strong:

Use an end-to-end encrypted format to store your files, photos or data on any device you are using. Also, use alphanumeric and special characters to make your password strong. Use passwords everywhere on laptops, computers and phones. Also, activate Two Factor Authentication on the social media sites you are using.

If the video leaks:

If by mistake or intentionally any private video goes viral in any way, then you should immediately go to Cyber ​​Crime Police Station or Nadjiki Police Station whichever is near you. If it is not possible to go to the police station or you cannot go, then you can also file a complaint online at cybercrime.gov.in. Also, inform the police about how you came to know about it so that the police can take quick and accurate action with the help of it. If the video or photo that has gone viral is objectionable. So report the abuse on social media yourself, as well as get your friends and more and more people to do this, by doing this, the social sites on which the content has been put will also remove it soon. On the other hand, if any kind of money fraud has happened with you. So you call 1930 and file a complaint immediately.

How to get leaked things off internet:

As soon as you get the FIR registered with the police, the police come into action mode and intensify efforts to get that content removed by writing a letter to those social media platforms. However, social media platforms try to remove that content from their platform within 2448 hours.

How to save personal data:

According to experts, putting more secret data on Google Drive should be avoided. For this, you should use an application like Bitlocker or Digilocker using a separate storage device. Along with this, you can also use applications like Save-Laker in mobile. On the other hand, even if you keep data on Google Drive, keep changing it in between, along with using a strong password.

Here women need special attention. Whenever they use the changing room while shopping, be careful and use an application that gives information about the presence of cameras around.

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