Honey eaten in this way will become slow poison, know when is the right time to eat honey


Side Effects Of Honey: We often keep telling you about the benefits of eating honey. Most of the people know this thing especially our readers that honey is very useful for our overall health. For example, honey plays an important role in maintaining the health of our muscles, hair, skin, nails and eyes. It is because of the properties of honey that it is given so much value that even a newborn child is made to taste honey as the first taste of food.

Well, today we are not talking about the taste, properties and benefits of honey. Today we will talk about the side effects of eating honey. But before that you should know that eating honey causes any side effects on the body only when you eat it in the wrong way or by mixing it with things that have anti-qualities.

Does honey cause harm?

Do not make these mistakes while eating honey, here is what you should not eat honey with.

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  • Honey should never be eaten mixed with hot water or hot foods.
  • Honey should never be mixed or used with spicy food.
  • Ghee and honey both are foods of antagonistic nature. Although both are very important for the body and are superfoods in themselves. But eating them together is prohibited.
  • Honey should never be consumed with alcohol or fermented drinks. That is, do not consume anything made of honey with drinks.
  • Consuming honey along with mustard is also prohibited. That’s why don’t consume honey with mustard greens, black mustard, yellow mustard, things made in mustard oil.
  • If you are working in very high temperature for hours, sitting in hot sun for a long time, in these conditions you should not consume honey.

Why not heat the honey?

When honey is heated, all its nutrients ie nutrients are destroyed and you are left with a substance full of toxins in the form of honey, which is like poison for the digestive system. About 500 years ago, Rishi Charak has written in Ayurveda that only ama is saved by heating honey. Toxins are called ama in Ayurveda. Means such substances which are not digested inside the body. According to Rishi Charak, this ama is the cause of most of the diseases of the human being.

Disclaimer: Take the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before implementing any such treatment/medicine/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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