Have Diabetes? The doctor has forbidden to eat sugar, then eat jaggery or take honey as a sweet?


Diabetes Treatment: Sugar is a disease related to lifestyle. If there is a bad lifestyle, then diabetes is a very fast merge. Along with this, people also get to see diseases like hypertension, obesity. The biggest problem in having diabetes is to eat sweets. The doctor clearly tells the patient not to eat sweets in any form at all. Eating sweets is allowed only when the sugar level is down. Some people recommend eating jaggery or honey instead of sugar. They argue that eating jaggery does not affect the sugar level, rather it strengthens the immune system.

First know the link of increasing sugar with honey

Jaggery and honey are seen as the safest sweeteners for diabetics. People consider these products as natural food. According to media reports, researchers from the University of Toronto conducted a study. It was revealed that consumption of raw honey can provide cardiometabolic benefits to the body. It simply means that it keeps the heart healthy. Can help control metabolic problems like diabetes. 1105 participants were included in the study. Researchers reported that rare sugars found in honey such as isomaltulose, kojibios, trehalose, melagitose improve the response to glucose. This helps in controlling diabetes.

Now find out the jaggery

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Doctors say that jaggery is chemically more complex than sugar. It contains long chains of sucrose. Eating jaggery cannot be a better option for a diabetic patient. Doctors say that both sugar and jaggery are made from sugarcane. The sugar level remains almost the same in both. In such a situation, eating jaggery instead of sugar may not be beneficial. Sugarcane is a high source of iron and magnesium. Sugar only has high levels of sugar, while jaggery is rich in iron and magnesium along with sugar.

Glycemic index is also related

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a rating system for carbohydrate-rich foods. The glycemic index of food tells how it can increase the sugar level in the blood. A simple way to understand GI is that foods with a low GI release glucose slowly but steadily, while foods with a high glycemic index release glucose rapidly. People with diabetes are always advised to eat foods with low GI. The GI of jaggery is almost same as that of refined sugar. The GI of honey is slightly lower than that; Although different honeys have different GIs.

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