Diseases can be identified by the color of urine, know which color of urine is most dangerous


Urine Color: Our body is a machine, which starts giving you an idea of ​​every small disturbance that happens in time. Whether it is a disease or some kind of problem. However, many of us do not understand the signals given by the body. These signs include the color of urine. By the color of urine, you can find out in advance about the risk of diseases occurring in the body. However, many people are quite shocked to hear this. But it is true, by the color of urine you can find out about the condition inside your body. Let’s know about this-

light yellow urine

The actual color of our urine is light yellow. The urochrome chemical gets diluted in the body of people who drink a lot of water. Because of this, the color of urine looks light yellow.

dark yellow urine

Dark yellow colored urine means that you are suffering from the problem of dehydration. Urochrome is concentrated in the body of people who drink less water, due to which the color of urine appears thick yellow. To avoid such a situation, drink more and more water.

transparent urine

If the color of urine is visible, then it means that you are drinking more water than prescribed throughout the day. Drinking excessive amount of water is also not considered healthy for the body. Drinking more water flushes out the electrolytes from the body. So drink a limited amount of water.

red colored urine

If the color of urine is seen red then it can indicate a serious problem. The reason for having red colored urine can be tumor in prostate, bladder or kidney, kidney stone etc.

dark brown urine

Dark brown urine may be due to the condition Pleurophoria. In this condition, toxic chemicals become part of our blood stream, due to which the color of urine appears brown. Apart from this, the color of urine may look dark brown even if there is any problem in the liver.

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