Bring back accidentally deleted photos from phone memory, follow these tricks


Photo Backup : In this age of social media, people are getting excited about photography. That is why nowadays great care is taken of camera quality in smartphones because people keep clicking pictures from the smartphone itself. It is being told that according to the phototorial data, 1.2 trillion photos were taken globally in 2021 and with this it is also estimated that in the year 2022, about 1.72 trillion photos can be taken. So in this way it is not easy to keep these pictures safe in the phone, sometimes what happens is that when we delete some videos or photos, some important photos also get deleted. In such a situation, there is a need to restore these photos, about which we are going to tell you.

Keep photos synced with Google Photos

The Google Photos app is now available in all Android smartphones. You can manage all the photos lying in your phone because of this app and it also has the option of backing up the photos. If an important photo is accidentally deleted from your phone, then you can restore the photo again with the help of Google Photos app. For this, all the photos on your phone should be synced with the Google Photos app and you should have already turned on the backup in Google Photos.

To get the deleted photos back, go to the Google Photos app and go to the trash or bin option from the side menu. Click on any photo you want to recover and press the Recover option, this will bring your photo back to the phone. But let us tell you that data can be recovered only within 60 days of deletion.

recover deleted data from phone or memory card

If any data or photo has been lost from the memory card installed in your Android phone or phone, then let us tell you that you can easily bring it back. For this you have to do that you have to put the memory card in the laptop or computer system with the help of card reader and after that you can bring back the data with the help of any recovery software. Keep in mind that the deleted data can be brought back from the memory card as long as no more data has been copied to it.

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