Deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids can lead to heart disease, avoid these superfoods


Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Good food is needed for good health, in which all kinds of nutrients are found, it is very important to have a balance of nutrients to live a healthy life. As soon as it is deficient in our body or its balance deteriorates. Many diseases start arising in the body. Although all nutrients like vitamins, minerals, phosphorus, etc. are essential nutrients, but omega 3 fatty acid is such a nutrient, if it is deficient, then the human body can become a camp of diseases.

Deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids can lead to fatigue, memory loss and heart problems, the biggest problem nowadays. According to a research, omega 3 acids have properties that help protect the heart. These nutrients also prove to be very helpful in survival. Although we can meet the deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids by eating many such things, let us know what it is.

1. Spinach- For those who do not like to eat meat and fish, spinach can be a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. You can make up for the lack of dressing element by including spinach and many types of greens in your daily diet.

2. Soybean- Soybean is the best option of protein, but perhaps few people would know that it can also provide omega 3 fatty acids to the body. Fiber, magnesium and folate are also found in it.

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3. Egg-The amount of omega 3 fatty acids is also found in the egg, along with this it contains the amount of protein and vitamin E, that is why it is called superfood.

4. Rajma- We all eat Rajma rice with great fervor. It is a treasure trove of Omega 3 fatty acids. Vegetarian people can also make up for the deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids from kidney beans.

5. Chia Seed-Chia seed is also a course of omega 3 fatty acids, along with this many other nutrients are found in it like manganese selenium magnesium, all these nutrients help in making us healthy.

6. FishFish is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, in this also salmon and tuna fish are most beneficial. For this, you can eat both salmon and tuna fish.

7. Linseed-Alsi, which we also know as Tisi, this little beach is a treasure trove of omega fatty acids.

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