Alcohol taken in the heat of summer will be heavy on health, more than 2 drinks are harmful


Heart Attack: Winter season is challenging. If someone has health related problems, then the difficulties increase further. People suffering from heart problems have to take special care of themselves in cold weather because the risk of heart attack is high in this season. Due to cold, blood vessels start shrinking and blood flow is not available. Today, through this article, know what things people suffering from heart problems should take care of in winter, so that their health remains good and the health of the heart does not deteriorate.

Dr. Ankur Ahuja, Senior Interventional Cardiologist, Fortis Hospital Mohali, says that heart patients should not work too hard during the winter season as it can put pressure on the heart and increase the risk of heart attack. The doctor said that if we compare the trends of Sudden Cardiac Deaths ie SCD, then the cases of cardiac deaths were more in the month of January and February this year as compared to other months. He said that the risk of cardiac deaths increases in cold weather. Heart beat and blood pressure increase in the winter season while physical activity decreases.

Influenza vaccine should be given to people suffering from heart problems

Dr. Ankur Ahuja says that people who are suffering from heart related diseases must get the influenza vaccine. The risk of a heart attack increases when there is an influenza-related complication. He said that patients with heart-related diseases are about 6 times more likely to have a heart attack after having the flu. The effects of corona have also increased the number of heart attacks. The doctor pointed out that viral infections also put additional stress on the body which can affect blood pressure, heart beat and overall heart function. This increases the chances of heart attack, stroke.

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This way you can keep heart health good

Make distance from alcohol-cigarettes

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause the body to overheat which is dangerous when out in the cold. This is more fatal for heart patients because the body heats up slowly and in this situation, when it gets cold again, the body cannot tolerate this cold and there may be problems. Experts say that taking more than two drinks a day can increase the heat in the body which is harmful.

dressed warmly

Due to the cold temperature, the blood vessels start shrinking, due to which there is additional stress on the heart and then there is a risk of heart attack. So wear warm clothes before going out. Too much heat is also harmful for the body. Think of it like this, when you do physical activity, the body gets overheated and then it needs to release the heat. If you have worn more warm clothes, then it will prevent the heat of the body due to which the blood vessels expand and the blood pressure can decrease. If the blood pressure is low, it can reduce the blood supply to the heart, which can lead to a heart attack.


Exercise is necessary to stay fit. If you do not exercise, then many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure etc. can develop because our diet has become such that these diseases develop quickly in the body. It is also risky to go out early in the morning in the winter season. If you are a heart patient then exercise at home. For this you can choose indoor exercise. Heart patients should avoid excessive fat and salt and should include lots of fruits and vegetables in their diet.

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