Bitcoin slips below $17,000, prices of other cryptocurrencies also break – know rate updates


Cryptocurrency Rate Today: The price of cryptocurrency bitcoin, which was once a hot favorite of risk-taking traders, is now continuously slipping and its effect is also coming on the total market cap of cryptocurrency. At present, the level of $ 807,072,132,822 is being seen in the market cap of cryptocurrency and it has come down much from its earlier level.

Know bitcoin price

In the global market, the price of bitcoin has come down below $17,000 and it is at the rate of $16,729.90. In the last seven days, it is seeing a decline of about 1.5 percent and it is continuously breaking from the upper levels.

Ethereum dropped below $1200

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Ethereum prices have also slipped below $1200 and it is available at $1181.08. At the same time, there has been a huge decline of 5.35 percent in the last one week.

Stay up to date with other global cryptocurrencies

The rates of Tether, USD Coin, Binance USD, Dodgecoin, Cardano, BNB and Polygon are breaking in the international market today.

What are the rates of cryptocurrencies in India

in country bitcoin The rate is at Rs 1,383,892.92 and its 1 hour, 1 day and 7 day charts are only seeing a decline. In the last 7 days, a decline of 2.63 percent has been recorded in it.

Ethereum Today, levels below Rs 1 lakh are being seen and in India it is being sold for Rs 97,860.24. If its 7-day level is seen, then it has traded with a big weakness of 6.43 percent.

tether Its price is at Rs 82.74 per coin and it has seen a decline of 1.38 per cent in 7 days. However, since yesterday, this cryptocurrency has been in the green mark and has shown an increase of 0.05 percent.

Know rates of other cryptocurrencies

The rates of USD Coin are at Rs 82.72, BNB at Rs 20,511.67, Binance USD at Rs 82.72, XRP at Rs 28.36, Dodgecoin at Rs 6.44, Cardano at Rs 21.98 and Polygon at Rs 66.58. Out of these tokens, except BNB and USD Coin, all cryptocurrencies remain in the red mark.

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