Bharat Gaurav: Who was Maharishi Panini? You will also be surprised to know their contribution.


Maharshi Panini Father of Sanskrit: Sanskrit is called Devvani and Adibhasha. It is considered not only India but also the oldest and best language. Almost all the religious texts of Hinduism have been written in Sanskrit language only. Even in today’s time only Sanskrit mantras are chanted in worship and yagya etc.

But do you know who is the father of Sanskrit language. Maharishi Panini is called the father of Sanskrit language. His important and incomparable contribution has been in giving a grammatical form to the Sanskrit language.

Due to the incomparable contribution of Maharishi Panini in Sanskrit, he is also known as the father of Sanskrit. The name of the grammar book written by Panini is ‘Ashtadhyayi’. There are a total of eight chapters and about four thousand sutras in it.

Timeline of Maharishi Panini

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Panini’s time period is uncertain and disputed. But it is believed that his lifetime would have been 520-460 BC. He was born in Shalatula, Punjab, which is now near Peshawar (Pakistan). At that time it used to be a part of Gandhara district in the North West of India. Patanjali was the contemporary of Panini. The name of the grammar written by Panini is ‘Ashtadhyayi’. Panini’s Sanskrit grammar is in four parts – Maheshwar Sutra, Swar Shastra Ashtadhyayi, Shabda analysis Dhatupatha, Dhatumula (root form of verb) Ganapath.

Important works of Maharishi Panini (maharshi panini biography in hindi)

  • Maharishi Panini is known for his language-grammar. Following the grammar of Sanskrit written by him, the grammar of other languages ​​around the world was created. Although many scholars tried to bind the Sanskrit language to the rules even before them, but Panini’s scripture became the most famous.
  • In the grammar book ‘Ashtadhyayi’ written by Panini, composed in 550 BC, 3,996 threads under 32 posts spread over 8 chapters enriched other languages ​​of the world as well. Along with this, many important things related to knowledge have also been disclosed.
  • There are 8 chapters and about 4 thousand sutras in the Ashtadhyayi book. In this treatise of grammar, Panini has collected 4000 sutras of inflection-oriented Sanskrit language in a scientific and logical manner.
  • The grammar ‘Ashtadhyayi’ written by Panini is not only a grammar book. Rather, a complete depiction of the then Indian society is also found in it. The context of geography, social, economic, education and political life, philosophical thinking and food and living etc. of that time is marked at many places.
  • In Panini’s ‘Ashtadhyayi’ book, along with language and grammar, there is also a brief description of the then social etiquette and public behavior. Along with this, description of various dishes is also available.
  • There is also mention of 6 types of paddy in Panini’s ‘Ashtadhyayi’. Which are respectively Brihi, Shali, Mahabrihi, Hayan, Shastika and Nivar. During the time of Panini, intoxicants named Maireya, Kapishayan, Avdatika Kashay, Kalika used to be prevalent.
  • Maheshwar Sutras of Shiv ji are also Ashtadhyayi and 14 sutras of Sanskrit grammar. It is believed that Panini was a devotee of Lord Shiva. It is believed that being pleased with Panini’s worship, Shivji performed Tandav dance by playing Damru and listening to its sound, Panini composed Maheshwar Sutra.
  • In the 14 Sutras of Shiva’s Maheshwara Sutras by Panini-

Aiyun.,ऌक., Aong., Aouch., Hayavrat.,L.,जमगननम., झ्भं., Ghdhsh., Whengddsh., खफ़चथथचतव., copy., Shassar., Solved. Is.

Opinions and views of scholars on the importance of grammar of Maharishi Panini

  • Panini grammar is one of the greatest creations of the human mind – Leningrad Professor T. Scherbatsky.
  • Panini’s style of grammar is very brilliant and its rules have been made very carefully – Colebrook
  • Among the grammars of the world, Paniniya grammar is the most important… This is the most important invention of the human mind – Sir W. W. Hunder (Sir WW hunter).
  • Paniniya Grammar is a wonderful example of the genius of the human brain which no other country has put forward till date – Prof. Monier Williams

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