Beware of Dangerous Smartphone Apps! Apps like PUBG and FIFA may also have to bear the load


Gaming Apps: In today’s digital world no work can be done without a smartphone. From our important passwords to important information, it is saved in our smartphone itself. We use smartphones not only for calls etc. but also for playing games. From children to adults, games are very much liked.

But let us tell you that you should be a little careful about downloading games. We are going to tell about some such gaming apps which should not be downloaded under any circumstances. According to reports, these apps are hacking and leaking important data and passwords of users. These apps also include popular apps like PUBG and FIFA. Let us know in detail which apps you should not download and how these apps can harm you.

Do not download these apps including PUBG and FIFA

A report by Kaspersky has revealed that there are 28 such gaming apps which can prove to be quite dangerous as well as being quite popular. The names of apps like PUBG and FIFA to Roblox and Minecraft are also registered in these gaming apps. Actually these apps are affected by a very dangerous malware, RedLiner, due to which many lakhs of people have suffered heavy losses.

may have to bear heavy losses

According to reports, this is a very dangerous virus from the security purpose, which was known in the year 2020. This virus can steal passwords from browsers, FTP clients and desktop managers, not only this, this virus can download and run third party programs and run on the default browser. Browser) can also open Linux. Let us tell you that this virus can hack any data you type on your keyboard.

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