Argentina in trouble before the match against Poland, how can the team reach the next round?


FIFA World Cup 2022: The Argentina team present in Group-C in FIFA World Cup 2022 is going to play its last league stage match tonight. This match against Poland is going to be very important for Lionel Messi and Co., because defeat in this match will mean the end of Argentina’s journey. Going to the next round for Argentina may also depend on the other matches of the group. Let’s know how the Argentine team can go to the next round.

How will Argentina go to the next round?

If Argentina wins the last match against Poland, they will go directly to the next round. However, there may be difficulties for him if the match is drawn. If their match is a draw, then they will have to hope that Saudi Arabia loses against Mexico in their match. If both Saudi Arabia and Argentina win their matches, then both these teams will go to the next round.

After the shocking defeat against the Saudis in the very first match of the tournament, Argentina’s path had become difficult. However, the Argentine team kept their hopes alive by defeating Mexico 2–0 in the next match. Now tonight’s match will once again be do or die for them.

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Which teams made it to the next round?

Netherlands and Senegal have reached the next round from Group-A. While England and America from Group-B, France has confirmed its place from Group-D. The teams of Brazil from Group-G and Portugal from Group-H have confirmed their place in the next round. Altogether 16 teams have to go to the next round.

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