Are making green tea to lose weight, but do you know the right way to make and drink it?


Green Tea Recipe: Whether it is a matter of reducing belly fat or making health, first of all we remember green tea. Green tea is considered the most healthy drink. If you are also making green tea, then keep one thing in mind that it is very important for your health to know at what time you are drinking green tea and how you are making it. As such, consuming green tea has been considered very beneficial to prevent obesity. But today we will tell you what is the right way to make green tea, as well as at what time it would be good for you to drink green tea.

The right way to make green tea

Take two cups of water to make green tea. After this, cut a piece of ginger. Take two cardamoms then at least ten mint leaves. Take ten basil leaves. One teaspoon lemon juice. After this two spoons of honey. Now we tell you what is the right way to make it. First, boil 2 cups of water in a pan on medium heat, then add crushed ginger and cardamom to it. Then when it starts boiling well, turn off the gas. Wash basil and mint and put them in boiled water, after that add a teaspoon of lemon juice and mix. Now put 1-1 tsp honey in the cup and filter the tea in the cup and mix it well with a spoon. Just your green tea is ready in a perfect way.

Learn the right way to drink this tea

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According to a study, the right way to drink green tea is not to drink it in excess. It is better to consume green tea only once a day. Apart from this, drinking green tea on an empty stomach can prove beneficial for weight loss, but let us tell you that according to health experts, consuming green tea on an empty stomach can cause harm. Let us tell you that if you want to lose weight, then you can take this tea before sleeping. For weight loss, green tea should be mixed with honey. It is good to drink green tea one hour before and after eating food. Apart from this, drinking green tea mixed with lemon juice also benefits you.

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