Alum Powder For Skin: How to use alum for skin?


Skin Care Tips: Fitkari can be used for the skin in many ways. You have to take some precautions before using them. Many variants are also found in alum, which should be used for the skin keeping in mind.

Alum found in the market at a very low price has not one but two benefits. It is used in many ways in our Indian homes. Whether you can also make milk cheese with its help, or you can also use it to make your skin spotless and beautiful.

Let us tell you today about its different uses, its benefits and what precautions should be taken while using it.

Benefits of Alum
Adding alum to the bath water will make your skin glow.
If hard water comes in the house, adding alum to the water helps in filtering it. Antibacterial properties are found in alum, which helps to protect your skin from infection.
Alum has skin bleaching property which helps to protect your skin from blemishes.
If you have a complaint of skin inflammation, then bathing with alum water can benefit you.
Along with skin, you can also use alum for hair. Alum is also beneficial for hair in many ways.

How to take precautions before use
Do not bathe directly with alum water. In this, you must first add some normal water.
Do not use alum with very dry skin.
Do not use too much alum water. This can lead to chances of getting rashes.
Do not use alum in private parts.

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