Youths who stay online for hours must consume fennel, you will be happy to know the reason


Why Should Eat Fennel Seeds: Whether you stay online for any reason and watch the screen for many hours a day, it is important for you to eat fennel. You would say that what does eating fennel have to do with being online? So you are being told about this here. Believe me, after reading this news, you will start keeping fennel not only in the kitchen but also on your work table so that you can eat it from time to time.

In today’s time, spending more time online is a compulsion for some youth and a habit for some youth. It is absolutely true that today’s generation stays online for hours every day. The youth who are in such jobs, where they have to stay online, they spend about 8 to 9 hours every day on the screen of laptop, desktop. At the same time, some youths do this due to study related needs. While there is a large group of youth who remain glued to the screen for hours due to their addiction to social media and watching videos.

Why should online people eat fennel?

  • People who spend more time onscreen, their eyes get dry. This happens due to drying of tear glands.
  • Most people blink less than normal while looking at the screen. Due to less blinking of the eyelids, the moisture in the tear glands starts decreasing and gradually the dryness in the eyes increases.
  • Due to increased dryness in the eyes, there is a problem of itching and on itching, the eyes become swollen, the eyes become red. If this condition continues continuously, then the eyesight starts getting weak.
  • If you want that you do not have any of these problems, then you should consume fennel every day. Learn how fennel helps to save you from these problems…

benefits of eating fennel for eyes

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  • A research by ‘Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Research’ has revealed that eating fennel reduces both eye strain and pressure. Because the nutrients found in it can be helpful in dilating the blood vessels of the eyes, if consumed in the right quantity.
  • In a research conducted by the Biochemistry Department of Shivaji University, it has been revealed that consumption of fennel in appropriate quantity can be effective in preventing the problem of eyesit caused by diabetes. That is, this is the solution to prevent retinopathy problem.

Consume fennel with this method

  • First of all, know that the effect of fennel is cold. That’s why it should be avoided to use it excessively in winter.
  • Eat one teaspoon of fennel and half a teaspoon of sugar mixed with it after meals. This will benefit the eyes as well as digestion.
  • You can also consume fennel to stop sweet cravings. When you feel like eating sweets, eat fennel-mishri. It is also healthy and also saves from unnecessary fat.
  • You can consume fennel powder by adding it to tea, coffee, milk, sweet porridge, oats etc.
  • It has been used traditionally by putting fennel in salads, chutneys and pickles. But since the use of market best pickles, chutneys has increased, it cannot be said with certainty that they get the properties of fennel. That’s why eating homemade things will be beneficial.

Disclaimer: Take the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before implementing any such treatment/medicine/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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